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50 years of Service as a Justice of the Peace

NSW Attorney General Mr Mark Speakman SC MP,  invited Mr Barry Lewis Chain of West Pennant Hills  to a ceremony in NSW Parliament House celebrating  and thanking him for 50 years of continuing service  as a Justice of the Peace to the people of NSW. Mr Chain, also a member of the Dural Rotary Club, was  surprised that he had notched up service as a JP  for 50 years, commenting that it has been a privilege to assist  all types of people in need of a Justice of the Peace. The primary functions of a NSW JP are to: •  witness a person making a statutory declaration •  witness a person making an affidavit •  certify that a copy of an [...]

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Men’s Shed Volunteering Recognition

Dural Men’s Shed was recently honoured by being  awarded the team section of the 'Volunteer Of The  Year' for the Hornsby/North West Sydney region. This is an annual award offered by the Centre For Volunteering, and was presented to the men by State  Minister Ray Williams. The 98 shed members can be very proud of the recognition  of their team effort in building a community of men who not  only have a great time together at the shed but put so much  time and effort back into our local community and by doing  so, helping many people. Some of the shed volunteering service includes mentoring  boys at risk in partnership with the Open Family/Whitelion  Youth organisation. Another group, from Warrah, intellectually [...]

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Vale John Albert Leeds

Vale John Albert Leeds 21st July 1937 -13th September 2017 John was born on the 21st of July in 1937 and grew  up in the suburb of Croydon. His high school years  were spent at Hurlstone Agricultural college in  Glenfield which was a very long commute by steam  train. During his high school years he developed a love of all sport  and especially excelled in both Rugby and Cricket. Fast forward to 1952 when John met Nina. They met as  15 year olds and were always destined to be together. They  married on the 31st August 1956 and recently celebrated their  61st wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Susan, arrived in 1957, followed by Greg in  1961 and Andrew in 1970. 1961 saw [...]

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Coming to Glaston Cedarvale on the Road Health Programs

Coming to Galston Cedarvale on the  Road Health Programs  with Adrian and  Michealle Dorman. Adrian and Michealle Dorman have been involved for  over 30 years in the health ministry. Adrian trained at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and  for many years worked as a Registered Nurse. He then  completed a Lifestyle Counseling course in the USA. Together  with Michealle, they managed a vegetarian restaurant, a health  food store and have worked in four health retreats in Australia,  Africa and the USA. In recent years Adrian has been the  manager, and Michealle the head cook, at the Cedarvale Health  and Lifestyle Retreat in Kangaroo Valley. They now lead out in  'Cedervale on the Road' another service offered by Cedarvale  Health and Lifestyle Retreat. [...]

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Hop House Receives Approval

Hop House Receives Approval The Hills Shire Council have  approved the DA for The Hop House at  Round Corner. The property is located  at 1 Kenthurst Road and is situated  immediately behind the Caltex Service  Station. The Hop House will cater for 150  patrons. The plans right, show a gaming  room, bar, drinking area, dining area and  courtyard.

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Community Flowers – Linda Hua

Community Flowers  Linda Hua By Louise Smithers Linda Hua exemplifies the sort of open-minded,  enthusiastic and clearly warm and welcoming person  that is the essence of Australian values of family and  community. Living in Cherrybrook with three children  in school, it is hard to put in print what a wonderful  addition Linda is to the community.  S ince attending ACIA (Australian Community Inspired  Association Inc.) she has grown in confidence and language  and now does voluntarily bookkeeping., Linda also wields the  tongs and chops endless kilos of onions at regular fundraising  barbecues. Her daughters often lend a hand too. She is reputed  to be an excellent cook and as we talk, she reminds me how  central food is to culture. How [...]

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A Palette of Classical Talent Hidden in the Hills

A Palette of Classical Talent Hidden in the Hills Louise Smithers An awarded and world-sought-after portrait artist sits quietly exacting his oil painting talents overlooking a  green sunny rural backyard in Dural. Paul Newton paints portraits in oils that radiate serenity and  glow with a ferocious authenticity that compels you to stop  and stare. Very often the subject is serenely gazing back at you in  deep communication. It is this talent that has made him sought  after to create timeless portraits that have  been 'final' listed ten times in the Archibald  prize and a Finalist 2012 (for David  Gonski AC). His paintings are exhibited  in the Australian National Portrait Gallery,  Parliament House Canberra, Princeton and  Columbia Universities. His commissions  include the [...]

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Garage Sale Trail 2017

Garage Sale Trail  2017 Garage Sale Trail is back for another year. The  nationwide garage sale initiative, now in its seventh  year, promotes community connectedness and  provides a novel way for residents to declutter,  reduce waste, make money and fundraise for a  charity or organisation of their choice. Last year, Mayor Keane met with homeowners on Mediati  Avenue, in Kellyville, who banded together to hold a street  wide sale. More than 45 garage sales were registered in the area in 2016  and it is hoped more residents get involved this year. The award-winning sustainability and community  campaign was founded in 2010 and has grown from one event  in Sydney to a massive national program supported by more  than 54 local NSW [...]

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Galston Pool’s New Look

Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre reopened in  September after much needed structural repairs and  renovations were completed. The repairs turned  out to be larger than expected with a full internal  renovation on the pool, change rooms, upgrade of the  centre and resurfacing of the concourse. The pool’s terracotta sewage and drainage pipes were  removed from the base of the pool and were replaced with  new pipes. The pool’s walls were also repaired. The pool has  now been waterproofed, retiled and repainted ready for swim  season. It is business as usual with enrolments for learn to swim  classes now open for term 4. For more information visit

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Annagrove Public School Students raise $6,511.53 and heart rates!

Annangrove Public School students have raised $6,511.53  for their school after hosting a CUA School Fun Run on  21/09/2017. In the lead-up to the event, students pounded  the pavement and raised funds online by seeking sponsorship  from their local community. CUA School Fun Run organiser, Kylie, said the teachers were excited to get  behind a fundraising activity that promoted such a healthy interaction with  the community and taught kids about setting and achieving financial goals. Parents enthusiastically supported the initiative as it steered their kids  away from traditional fundraising efforts which often involve selling junk  food. The CUA School Fun Run program also provides students and  families with additional tools and practical advice from the online health  hub to encourage ongoing [...]

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