Bob Waller President of the Australian Community Inspired Association Inc (ACIA) made the comment “While we enjoy the comforts of our home, it’s hard not to think of those without such a privilege and while the numbers experiencing homelessness hardship continues to grow, the job for Vinnies is that more difficult.

The Australian Community Inspired Association Inc (ACIA) is proudly supporting the Vinnie’s CEO Homeless fund raising event on the 18th June. The association’s Vice President Sreeni Pallarri will be engaging in the sleep-out, covered only by cardboard on the 18th June 2020. To-date Sreeni with lots of help from his close friends, has done a great job and raised $5,300 and NOW, through the effort of ACIA’s members and friends and the Dooral Roundup readers we hope to at least double this amount.

Bob went on to say “With the forecast of record unemployment and cold weather, we are moving to unprecedented desperate times for many Australians who will be forced to survive living in the streets of our capital cities.” Conservative estimates suggest there will be more than 135,000 homeless people by the end of winter this year.

100% OF DONATIONS MADE THROUGH THIS LINK https:// GO DIRECTLY TO THE VINNIE’S HOMELESS ACCOUNT. A financial outcome report will be published in the July edition of the Dooral Roundup magazine.

On behalf of those homeless and living in the streets of Sydney, we ask if you would share this message with your family and friends. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.